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The 2021 Hurricane Forecast for Texas


2020 was the year that will go down in the history books as the season the world turned upside down. Along with a brutal Presidential election and a COVID pandemic, the Atlantic pumped out 30 different tropical systems.

How to Prepare Your Kids for an Emergency


Is your family ready for emergencies? Talking to your children about potential emergency situations and what to do in the event of an incident is important. After all, the more prepared you are the better the chance of a positive outcome. Here are a few great tips on how to prepare your kids for an emergency situation.

Tips to Avoid Danger When Burning Debris at Home


There may come a time in Texas, especially when you live on acreage, that you may want to burn leaves, branch trimmings, underbrush, and other debris.

Top Tips for Preparing for a Flood


If you’re located in the many floodplains across Montgomery County, Texas, you need to know just what to do when the waters start rising. With that knowledge, you can keep your family, pets, and home as safe as possible and get help right when you need it. To help you get started, here are several tips on preparing for a flood.

General Tips for Disaster Preparedness


The steps you take prior to and during an emergency situation can help to save lives and possibly protect your home and belongings. Unfortunately, many people do not think about emergencies until they are facing one. Preparing for and knowing what to do during an emergency is extremely important. Here are a few general tips to help you with general disaster preparedness. 

Is My Information Secure While Using 911?


When you are experiencing an emergency, you call 911. In that moment, the only thing that you may be concerned with is receiving help. But, after receiving the help you needed, you may start to replay the experience in your mind. Often times, you are left wondering whether the information that the 911 operator automatically had about your call is secure, and whether the call itself is secure. Privacy is important, so these are valid concerns. Here is what you need to know about 911 and your privacy. 

What's the Difference Between Smart 911 and Next Generation 911?


When a person picks up the phone to call 9-1-1 during an emergency, the expectation is that a dispatcher will pick up immediately, quickly determine the nature of the problem and then send help in the form of first responders. 

In many cases the dispatchers have to work off of incomplete information, from a person who is in crisis or is making the call during a chaotic scene. There might be an answer from a coherent person speaking clearly to describe what’s happening, but sometimes all the dispatcher can hear is screaming in the background or sounds of gunfire and has to send help over with scanty details about what to expect.

Stay Up to Date: Changing Weather in Our Area


Smartphones and the constant connectivity provided by the internet keep us up to date on just about everything you care about on a minute to minute basis. From the latest celebrity news to what you need to pick-up from the grocery store on the way home, you wouldn’t even attempt to go a day without getting the many notifications that you rely on to keep your head straight. However, there are some notifications that are even more important, and you need to make sure that you have opted into those notifications to ensure that you are up to date on potentially life-saving information that is pushed out to keep you safe in our community. This is especially true for keeping up to date with emergency weather alerts that could prevent you from being left stranded or in peril danger as a result of major weather events.

Holidays Bring Chaos - Take Care!


Winter holidays present a rare chance to celebrate the magic of family, along with the spirit of the season. Unfortunately, they also bring with them increased risks to your health and safety. Staying vigilant against criminals and household risks are the best ways to keep the season special -- and safe. 

Turkey Frying Dangers & Safety Tips for Success


The latest trend in holiday feasts is fried turkey. While it's crispy outside, and juicey seared inside is a special treat, frying a turkey can be rather dangerous. In fact, the US Fire Administration reports that Thanksgiving Day sees more in-home fire reports than any other day, largely due to improper cooking methods.

Many cases are the result of people frying turkeys indoors, which is a no-no. That being said, here are some additional—and equally important—turkey frying risks to be aware of even when cooking these birds up outdoors.