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General Winter Safety Tips For Your Home


Winter is almost here. Winter brings with it cold weather, icy roads and walkways, and the holidays. Unfortunately, this means that winter can bring many hazards to your home along with it. Here are a few general winter safety tips for your home that can help to minimize the chances of winter wreaking havoc on your home. 

What You Should Do Before Turning Your Home's Heater On

Prior to turning on your home's heater this winter, it is important to do a few things first. It is stronglyWoman in winter clothes enjoying a hot drink against autumnal leaf pattern recommended that you replace the filter, have your unit cleaned and have your unit inspected prior to turning it on for the first time. This helps to ensure your heating unit is ready to go, while also working safely and efficiently. It is also recommended that you test out your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors as we head into the holiday season. 

Things to Check Prior to Turning on Your Fireplace

During the winter months, it is also common for individuals to light a fire. Before you light your first fire of the season, you should take the time to clean and inspect your chimney. You want to look for signs of cracks or loose bricks. It is also important that you check the damper in the fireplace and ensure it works. When you have a fire going, you will want the damper open. If you have any concerns about the condition of your fireplace, you should bring in a professional fireplace repair company to inspect your fireplace and chimney and ensure it is safe. 

Signs You Need to Bring in an Electrician

During the holiday season, people hang lights, trim a Christmas tree and even place light up or blow up decorations in their yard. This can increase your power usage and be draining to electrical systems that are already overwhelmed. If you smell the scent or metallic burning, see lights that seem to be flickering, or start to blow fuses when you plug your lights in, you should call in an electrician. They can help you to get your electrical system ready for the holidays, and ensure your electrical system can withstand the everyday strain you may be placing on it. 

Keeping Your Landscaping Ready for Winter

The final winter safety tip for your home is to take the time to care for your landscaping before winter hits. Take the time to trim away tree branches that may blow across your roof in a storm. Cut back any limbs that look like they may be weak and may fall in a storm. Also, inspect your cement, asphalt or stone walkways and driveways. If damage is present, you may want to repair cracks or holes. Ice will worsen the problem or obstruct these tripping hazards. 

While there are steps you can take to minimize the chances of an emergency occurring, there is no way to prevent every accident or incident from occurring. Montgomery County Emergency Communication District, or MCECD, provides the administration of the communications and technology infrastructure of the 9-1-1 system within Montgomery County, Texas. The administrative office of MCECD is located in Conroe, Texas. While we hope that we do not run into you this holiday season, if you need us, we will be ready to help you and your home.