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What’s the 411 on Smart911 in Montgomery County, TX?


Smart911 is a modern innovation that gives residents of Montgomery County, TX and emergency responders an edge when it comes to receiving much-needed care fast. Essentially, when you call 9-1-1, information that is made available to the call center is limited by the type of device you’re calling from.

With cellular phones now more common than home phones, finding out where you are can be delayed or complicated. This is especially true if callers can’t provide verbal information about where they are and the nature of the emergency. These issues are aided by the availability of Smart911, but it can only help those who take a few minutes to register for this valuable, no-cost program. Want to know more? Read on!

How Does Smart911 Work?

Users can register anytime with Smart911 at no cost, and this allows you to create a Safety Profile. This allows 9-1-1 to recognize the associated number—even a cell phone—you’re calling from. Instantly, this profile can be displayed on the screen of the emergency dispatcher who is taking the call. This can make a difference in getting the proper care fast, which is particularly important for those with special needs, who might haveThoughtful young woman with drawn question marks circulating around her head allergies or other conditions that ultimately affect how responders handle the emergency.

Who Should Use Smart911?

Anyone who is a resident of Montgomery County, TX is eligible to enroll privately and securely with Smart911. If you want to protect yourself and your loved ones or any individual residing in the home, by just providing a few pertinent details through the program can be life-saving in the case of an emergency. Seniors, those with children and people with serious medical conditions or allergies will find Smart911 to be well worthwhile enrolling in.

Where is Smart911 Available?

Smart911 is available as a service nationwide, yet it’s not available in all municipalities just yet. However, we are proud to have the service here in Montgomery County, so that our first responders such as law enforcement, fire departments and medical personnel can be dispatched quickly armed with information before they arrive on the scene.

Is Smart911 Secure?

Your information is completely safe and secure with Smart911, and details about you or your account are never sold or shared with other companies. The main provider conducts regular audits to make sure that all information held in the database is wholly secure and only made available to the 9-1-1 dispatch center and the emergency personnel responding to the call. Smart911 has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau and is locked down and secured by Norton and SSL.

Registering and Calling is the Only Way Information Can Be Accessed

You must call 9-1-1 for this data profile to be accessed and shared. The call must come from a phone that has been verified as part of your Safety Profile. The only case in which other entities can view your profile is if you have authorized certain agencies to do so. This is completely optional, but comes in handy for those with serious medical conditions of a chronic nature.

Safety Profiles Never Expire

Once enrolled, you’ll never have to register with Smart911 again unless you move. Changing personal information is simple and can be handled online or on the phone with a Smart911 representative. It is recommended that users double check the system every few months for accuracy purposes and to update any changes in health or home occupants.

Enroll in Smart911 Today, It’s Free!

There is no charge to enroll in Smart911, but not doing so could be costly when it comes down to getting help in times of an emergency. These services are financed by public agencies that work diligently to provide free and equal access to premier emergency response services in the community. You can register confidently knowing that your local Montgomery County Emergency Communication District oversees the infrastructure of Smart911 within Montgomery County, Texas.