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Stay Up to Date: Changing Weather in Our Area


Smartphones and the constant connectivity provided by the internet keep us up to date on just about everything you care about on a minute to minute basis. From the latest celebrity news to what you need to pick-up from the grocery store on the way home, you wouldn’t even attempt to go a day without getting the many notifications that you rely on to keep your head straight. However, there are some notifications that are even more important, and you need to make sure that you have opted into those notifications to ensure that you are up to date on potentially life-saving information that is pushed out to keep you safe in our community. This is especially true for keeping up to date with emergency weather alerts that could prevent you from being left stranded or in peril danger as a result of major weather events.

The Montgomery County Emergency Communication District—or the MCECD—is a communication tool that utilizes the technology infrastructure of the 911 system to connect people with information you need to stay safe day by day. The MCECD can now send alerts directly to your phone when there is an important update, and this includes sudden shifts in weather patterns that may require you to take shelter immediately.

Benefit of MCED AlertsMC911 4 website icons 240x240 MECH 8-19-19-2 Alert Conroe

The benefit of this type of alert system is that it can use already established tools, like the GPS on your phone, to help you get information that is relevant and pertinent to you in the moment that you need it. This includes updates on major shifts in weather patterns, including flash flooding and tornado alerts, as well as other major updates that you need to be aware of to keep you safe on the road and in your communities.

There have been a lot of shifts in our weather patterns in recent years, and the likelihood of a major weather event interrupting daily life has increased exponentially. Counties across the state of Texas have experienced incredible levels of flooding as a result of Hurricane’s and rising storm surge throughout the State, especially along the coastline. MC911 4 website icons 240x240 MECH 8-19-19-1 Alert MCTX-1Additionally, the rise of wildfires across the Pacific Coast and into the Midwest, as well as the increasing number of tornadoes across the Midwest all leave major room for concern throughout Conroe and Montgomery County. Having an alert system that can push updates to you in real time in the moment that you need them is incredibly important, and ultimately has the ability to save lives.

The growing changes in our weather patterns over the past several years are likely to continue to rise, and this can lead to even further disruption of your daily life. Choosing to keep up with the alerts from the Montgomery County Emergency Communication District is the best way to stay in the know about everything you need to be aware of regarding the latest crucial updates throughout the region.