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3 Scenarios Where Smart 911 Could Make All the Difference


Our bodies are equipped with an incredible fight or flight response. When faced with true emergencies, we are designed to either fight an attacker or flee to safety. As biological responses go, it is an important one in keeping us safe. But, when emergencies happen, our fight or flight response often prevents us from giving 911 dispatchers the information they need in order to help. That is why Montgomery County has introduced Smart911, a service that allows county 911 dispatchers to access a personal profile attached to your phone number that gives them vital information that could save your life or the lives of your loved ones. But when would you need such a service?

Scenario 1: Kids are in Charge

We have all heard miraculous stories of young children calling 911 when their parent or caregiver was ill or incapacitated. In those situations, a child's ability to stay calm, give the dispatcher your name and address, and stay on the phone until help has arrived is a lot to ask. In the event you or another caregiver is sick or otherwise unable to call in an emergency, a child's call to 911 from a registered phone can give the dispatcher all the information they need to send first responders to the scene.

Smart911 also gives you the option to add multiple phone numbers to a family's profile. Should your children have their own phone number and be home alone when an emergency arises, their phone number will be automatically linked to your family's address.

Scenario 2: Medical Conditions in the Home

With Smart911, you have the option to create medical profiles for your family members. For example, a home has a 12-year-old son with Type I diabetes and a 9-year-old daughter with a severe peanut allergy. Both medical conditions can be documented in your family's profile for access by 911 dispatchers. Now, should your son pass out from severe hypoglycemia or your daughter accidentally eat something laced with peanut butter, a dispatcher will be able to pass that information along to emergency medical services personnel who are en route. They will also be able to quickly help you assess the situation and begin emergency protocols while you wait for help.

This feature is especially helpful when children who have a medical condition are home on their own. Should the same son with Type I diabetes be left alone at home and begin feeling ill, his call to 911 can be matched to his profile, and dispatchers can help him stay safe until help arrives.

Scenario 3: You Rely on Electricity for Medical Needs

Whether you rely on oxygen, suction, power wheelchairs, scooters, respirators, or ventilators, a loss of power can be devastating. Smart911 is equipped with an advanced Emergency Management system that allows you to make your profile available to agencies such as the Office of Emergency Management and Department of Homeland Security in event of a large-scale emergency. In the event of a large scale natural disaster, emergency services agencies can help you receive access to power at emergency shelters, or evacuate your home entirely.

Regardless of the type and scale of emergency you face, Smart911 gives you access to the best possible help and care possible. Create your profile here and safeguard your family in the event of an emergency.