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How to Talk to Your Kids About Going Back to School During a Pandemic


The first day of school normally brings butterflies of excitement, paired with the thrill of wearing new shoes or clothes for the first time and the joy of brand new school supplies. This year, the normal excitement is tempered Apple on pile of books at the elementary schoolby an unprecedented situation. Instead of just wondering if they will have their best friend in any of their classes or if they will have to sit alphabetically in the lunchroom, kids are worried about getting sick and possibly losing someone they love to a virus without a proven treatment or a known cure.

Thankfully, as a parent, there are ways for you to ease their fears and create a sense of wellbeing for your kids, even amid the chaos and uncertainty surrounding COVID-19. We at Montgomery County Emergency Communication are happy to help you make going back to school a little easier with these tips from Hackensack Meridian Health: